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We are the American Acupuncture & Alternative Medicine Association

About us

The  AAAMA is a nonprofit  association chartered  under section 501(c)(3)  of  the  Internal Revenue  Code  and incorporated by  the Secretary  of  State. 


The  purpose of the  AAAMA  shall include, but  not limited to the  following:

(a)   To protect in every  respect without any  violation of the  law; the  philosophy,  science, and art of  Asian medicine; as a  representative organization in such field.    

(b)    To serve  as an official spokesperson for and representative  of the  Asian medicine profession in the  State  of  California and to extend  its capacity  furthermore  to the nation and worldwide, deemed congruent by  the  Board of  Directors  as expressed in these  bylaws.

(c)   To promote  and educate public health  and the  general purpose  of Asian medicine to the community, safety  of  the practice, impartial statutes, and regulations regarding the nature  and scope  of  Asian medicine.

(d)    To establish and maintain quality  of education including  health research programs, ethics and  professional competency, inter-professional relationships,  education seminars for  the sharing  of  knowledge  in the  field  of  acupuncture; Asian medicine; and related disciplines; presentation of accurate information and supportive  network for  practitioners and students of acupuncture  and  Asian medicine.    

(e)   To offer vision and  guidance  to students of acupuncture  and Asian medicine  through mentorship programs, ultimately  paving  a  way  for  their  successful adaptation in the society  as professionals of acupuncture  and  Asian  medicine.    

(f)   To integrate alternative  and Asian medicine  with long-established  values of  compassion, empathy,  and respect;  in  order to bring  and  create  positive  change  within the community by  enhancing  all  three  aspects of physical, emotional, and  intellectual health.  

(g)   To educate, train, and support Asian medicine professionals who  empower volunteers  to meet the  healthcare  needs and  well-being  of the  community.